All Inclusive: OTRS accelerates its fully-managed offering

Cupertino, CA, April 2018 – OTRS Group reprioritized its product portfolio and is now putting its full-service version at the center of its business. The former “OTRS Business Solution Managed™” will therefore be concisely referred to as “OTRS.” OTRS is a service management software platform with accompanying consulting, customization and support components. It offers customers a comprehensive Solution-as-a-Service for structured communication in customer service, IT service management and security management.

In our digital era, companies need both agility as well as stability,” says André Mindermann, CEO of OTRS Group. “The daily communication and work processes in customer service and security management must be transparent, efficient and legally safe. You need systems that flexibly model and support these structures and processes reliably. Companies want to focus on their core businesses, save internal resources and keep operational IT costs low, so they are increasingly relying on managed, all-around carefree solutions. With the full-service version of OTRS, we offer you exactly that and therefore place you at the center of your business. ”

OTRS: Solution-as-a-Service
OTRS offers companies an all-in-one package for structured communication in customer service, IT service management and security management that can be customized to fit any industry. Full-service is included: companies do not have to take care of the customization, implementation, operation or updates of OTRS. These are all part of the product offering.

A team of experts with many years of experience works with OTRS Customers from the onset to ensure that OTRS fits perfectly. These consultants support customers during the entire roll-out process — from evaluation, customization, and process consulting; to customer service, training and certification.

All new and existing customers of the OTRS full-service package can look forward to an upcoming release in autumn 2018: “The entire OTRS Interface will be getting a makeover. With version 7, it will be more modern and dynamic, so it will be even easier to use,” explains André Mindermann.

OTRS Group offers community benefits
Since its earliest days, OTRS Group has been releasing OTRS under an open source licensing model. To complement the product strategy shift, while still helping to nurture a sense of community, this version of the software will also be renamed. Instead of “OTRS Free,” it will be called “((OTRS)) Community Edition” and will continue to be developed in the future. “As we work with our customers, we’re constantly expanding OTRS’s features and capabilities,” said Matthew McIntosh, U.S. Operations Manager for OTRS. “As the software evolves, it’s rewarding to be able to give back to the development community in this way.

Regarding the acceleration of the Solution-as-a-Service model, McIntosh goes on to say, “Today, more and more customers have recognized the benefits of having a fully-managed solution which underlines our new focus. In the U.S., we’re excited about the shift.” The focus on the new full-service OTRS is emphasized by the OTRS Group with its new website, which is now online at

About OTRS Group

OTRS Group, also known as OTRS AG, is supported in the United States by its subsidiary, OTRS Inc. Worldwide, the manufacturer and source code owner of the world’s largest service management suite, OTRS, also maintains subsidiaries in Mexico (OTRS S.A. de C.V.), Singapore (OTRS Asia Pte. Ltd.), Hong Kong (OTRS Asia Ltd.) and Brazil (OTRS do Brasil Soluções). OTRS AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Among its clients are Bayer Pharma AG, BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology), Max Planck Institute, Toyota, Huawei, Hapag Lloyd, Lufthansa, Airbus, IBM, Porsche, Siemens and Banco do Brazil (Bank of Brazil). OTRS is in use at more than 40 percent of the DAX 30 companies and is available in 38 languages. More than 170,000 companies worldwide use OTRS service management software. More information:

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