April 2018

2018 Brings a Breath of Fresh Air

A Look Forward – and a Look Back

A lot has happened since OTRS was first launched in 2001 as an open ticket request system.

The software has evolved enormously and the company has also grown a lot: we now have nearly 100 employees in all our different departments.

Based on the growth of the company, but above all on the high demand for our professional solution, OTRS management has decided to focus in the future on the further development and expansion of our offer for the customers of the company.

First of all, the high standard of the software will be maintained and further improved. For this purpose, all necessary resources have been committed. This approach is reflected in a series of ongoing projects, such as the new surface technology of the software. The OTRS developers will reveal their initial results with the release of OTRS 7.

In the article “The new OTRS customer interface” in this newsletter you can read more about the topic and get a sneak peek at the new visual approach.

The future orientation of the company is reinforced, among other things, by the naming of the product. From now on it will be referred to exclusively as OTRS. This is the completely managed, professional solution.

The freely available version of OTRS is now called ((OTRS)) Community Edition. OTRS Business Solution™ will no longer be used as a product name.

With the new strategic company alignment there was also a website relaunch.

There are now a total of three new, stand-alone OTRS websites – one product page, one corporate page and a brand new platform for the OTRS community. With this forum, the company shows its appreciation to the open source movement.


New OTRS Features Explained in Detail

How to Connect OTRS to Icinga2 – Part 2

Let’s continue with our Icinga2 connector! Last time we talked about how to create a new host in Icinga2 via API.

Today you will learn how to change hosts.

To complete this how-to, you first need a running OTRS and an Icinga2 system. An example of an application for this connector is e.g. if you have a release and deployment management process in your OTRS system and want to automatically transfer information to Icinga2.

The blog article explains how to create a web service between OTRS and Icinga2. We call this integration “Icinga2Connector”.

Detailed information on our blog


Visibility of Message Transmission Status

Another improvement we would like to introduce here is the visibility of the message delivery status in the AgentTicketZoom. Now, if an error occurs during the sending of a message, the associated article is flagged and automatic notifications are triggered for the relevant agents. It is also possible to resend the failed message.

Click here for a detailed description

OTRS on the Road

OTRS at IOT Asia in Singapore

From March 21 to 22 OTRS was an exhibitor at IOT Asia in Singapore.

The event is an award-winning platform that brings together technology heads, design architects, solution providers, engineers, academic institutions, investors, and startups to examine the latest trends and partnership models in Asia.

The event focused on four areas – smart cities, industrial IoT, IoT data analytics and enablers. Based on the follow-up report of the organizer, the fair was visited on 2 days by more than 6,000 technology decision-makers. The OTRS booth was also very well visited.

Above all, our employees answered general questions about OTRS, as awareness in the Asian market is currently growing rapidly.

How does OTRS help with ITSM, and what is ITSM in the first place? This was another big question for many visitors to our stand, coming mostly from the areas of sales/business development.

Nearly 50% of our stand visitors were system integrators.

Our participation at the event enabled us above all to boost awareness of the brand OTRS. In June 2018, OTRS will be present at NXTAsia 2018, a much larger event.


OTRS in Action

The Security Center for Emergencies

In this newsletter, we complete the picture and introduce you to the advantages of using OTRS in the corporate security sector.
Unfortunately, attacks from the Internet have become pretty much unavoidable nowadays. This makes it all the more important to respond accordingly – and above all quickly. With extensive cyber-defense experience, we can effectively help you respond to attacks.

With reliable prioritization and clearly assigned responsibilities.

With qualified processes and automated workflows that give structure to your corporate-security processes.

We’re your professional defense team, providing quick, effective and goal-oriented support in an emergency.

What really counts when it comes to your corporate security:

Detecting sources of danger and attacks early
OTRS offers numerous open interfaces for the connection of recognition, analysis and monitoring tools as well as information platforms.

Responding quickly in an emergency
Thanks to automated processes and notifications, OTRS enables the best and fastest response possible. This gives you the time to close security holes ASAP.

Knowing what to do
Responsible employees are notified immediately and know how to react thanks to the stored processes.

An accurate documentation and analysis
An audit-proof storage of incidents in OTRS and its comprehensive reporting capabilities help document and analyze incidents accurately in order to have a complete overview.

Find detailed information about Corporate Security with OTRS here

For SOCS, CERTS and Cyber Defense Centers with especially critical security requirements, OTRS offers a special solution with STORM.

Benefit from:
– Security-certified consultants
– Exclusive access to the CERT community with annual meetings

Learn more

The New OTRS Customer Interface

A Little Preview

While the current OTRS customer interface is very focused on tickets and has changed very little in recent years, both technically and structurally, starting with OTRS 7 it will be much more self-service based, and thus focus less on the problem, and more on the solution.

In addition, the previously separate public sector (“public interface”) will be connected to the new customer interface in order to offer users a uniform experience.

The interface can be adapted easily and quickly to the respective corporate design and ensures the use of cutting-edge technologies for a dynamic and intuitive user experience.

Here’s a first impression of a possible visualization of the new customer interface:

News from the OTRS Academy

Training opportunities in May and June:  

OTRS Administrator Training (German)
Date: 14th May – 17th May 2018
Location: Straubing, Germany

OTRS Administrator Training (Mandarin)
Date: 17th May – 19th May 2018
Location: Shenzhen, China

OTRS Administrator Training (Mandarin)
Date: 24th May – 26th May 2018
Location: Xi‘an, China

OTRS Administrator Training (Spanish)
Date: 04th June – 07th June 2018
Location: tba., Mexico

OTRS Administrator Training (German)
Date: 11th June – 14th June 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany

OTRS Administrator Training (Portuguese)
Date: 19th June – 22nd June 2018
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

OTRS Administrator Training (Mandarin)
Date: 21st June – 23rd June 2018
Location: Shanghai, China