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Strategic Finance Manager

When did you join OTRS Group and why did you choose us?

I joined the Finance Department as an intern in 2018 when I moved from Peru to live in Germany. After finishing my Business Management studies, it was important for me to work on different cross-departmental topics. Another important factor was that I could work in English. It was great that my colleagues were very welcoming and open to switching from German to English at any time.

Why did you become a Strategic Finance Manager and what is special about this job for you?

I was given the opportunity to develop myself in the role over time, going from Intern to Junior Manager, and to Manager. It is very special and fortunate for me how the team supported my professional and personal growth. Throughout the different positions, my hard and soft skills grew with the projects and challenges we faced. I enjoy that I work with colleagues of different backgrounds and countries, that I am working in a different culture than mine, and that I get to improve my German skills.

At OTRS Group we mainly work from home office. How do you still manage to maintain a team feeling?

One method is our daily “Morning Call”. In it, we take time to talk about how we are all personally doing and any short-notice topics. It has even made me feel more connected to each member of the team than when we used to go to the office.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on at OTRS Group so far and why did you enjoy working on it?

It is hard to choose. The first one is growing the Finance Team. We looked at roles and functions, where to hire more people, and give more responsibility to existing roles, among others. It was exciting as it is connected to developing each member and preparing the team for future challenges. The second one is the ERP system introduction. I was happy to contribute and participate in the first official discussion about its introduction, to the point where we are now, close to launching it. It is invigorating to experience what change management requires through the challenges our company’s culture faces when implementing something new.

What would you recommend to applicants who want to apply for a job at OTRS Group?

I would recommend striving for getting the expectations of the job as clear as possible from the beginning. Both, what OTRS Group expects from you and what you expect from the position. Ask as many questions as needed regarding this. Our colleagues are happy to answer them to make sure both sides are a good fit. Other than this, ask yourself if you would like an environment that values multiculturality, communicating in a straightforward way, being open for change and improvement, and striving for harvesting joy at work.

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