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Sales Manager

When did you join OTRS Group and why did you choose us?

In September 2021, I wanted to join a medium-sized company in the IT sector that sells finished products and services. I found the combination of both and the resulting flexibility exciting.

Why did you become a Sales Manager and what is special about this job for you?

I actually became a Sales Manager more by chance than anything else. Originally, I wanted to go into portfolio management. Then came the financial crisis and I oriented myself more towards IT. Through internships in marketing, I had contact with sales teams and realized that the combination of communication and finding creative solutions for the customer’s requirements, as well as convincing the customer of the right solution, would be my thing.

At OTRS Group we mainly work from home office. How do you still manage to maintain a team feeling?

We exchange information regularly via our chat and the telephone. If someone has a content-related question that has arisen from a customer appointment, as an example, we ask each other if anyone has experience with it and help each other out. Of course, in these conversations, we ask each other how we are currently doing. In addition, we have regular offsites or will meet in the office when there is a suitable occasion.

How does a typical working day look like for you?

 A typical working day starts with me having a look at the day’s open tickets. I usually read the feedback from the customers and think about the next steps, such as making an appointment. After that, there are planned appointments and tasks such as preparing proposals or demos. In between, I always check our sales queue for new inquiries. All in all, I make a lot of phone calls, have meetings with customers, and follow up on inquiries and proposals by e-mail or phone.

Can you tell us three qualities one should have when joining OTRS Group?

Communications skills, initiative/self-organization, creativity (related to customer needs and how they could be met with our software).

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