Philosophy & Culture

OTRS – the former Open Ticket Request System now stands for

Open Technology – Real Services

…and for a success story based upon a particular culture and philosophy.

Founded by four open source fans, in order to be able to offer support for OTRS to a large circle of interested people, the OTRS Group established itself internationally, with special business solutions and a comprehensive service portfolio.

But it is not only the number of our employees and branches that has grown, but also the wide expertise based on excellent technical know-how and many years of experience – created ourselves, extended by new employees and put to use for the success of our customers.

Of course, it’s not an extraordinary story, but instead the story of the founding and development of many small and medium-sized companies. Is it coincidence that the demand for OTRS is constantly increasing? There are some answers to this! One of them is that luck favours the prepared mind.

How do we prepare for the future or: what makes OTRS unique as a company?

Open Source creates its
own market


Our unusual business model is successful, because open source software creates its own market.

Whereas proprietary software fights a competitive battle on “its“ market, which is limited or even shrunk by the continuing arrival of new competitors on the market, OTRS – thanks to its unlimited availability – creates its own market, which gets bigger and bigger due to the growing number of users and constant cooperation for improvement.

This guarantees our customers an extremely high degree of safety.

Our employees – entrepreneurs in the company


The open source idea determines our awareness and informs the further development of our products

For our employees, competition is part of cooperation and of their professional work, in which they want to achieve recognition and make their contribution. They foster and offer responsibility, transparency and quality…and do not allow themselves to be restricted by a set task or a defined field of work

Our employees think and act entrepreneurially, they operate with foresight and make decisions today that will not unfold their effectiveness for a successful future until tomorrow.

Corporate social responsibility and authenticity

Social Responsiblity

Everything that we present outwardly to others, we also practice inwardly in the company and vice versa.

This is how we see authenticity. For us, open-minded means accepting diversity, whether it be in relation to culture, age or socialisation. Our responsibility for different needs as regards working and living is reflected in our efforts to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.

In this interaction, we develop synergies from which you and we benefit. You can expect that from us!


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