Investment Indicators

Indicators for a valuable investment

Market Presence


Established “global player” and supplier for (IT) service management solutions based on Open Source Software OTRS (Open Technology Real Service).


Solid, long-term customer basis for more than 12 years.


Balanced risk profile due to:

  • The distribution of recurrent turnover to more than 1,000 contract customers from different industries and markets from SMEs through to international corporations. Due to the focus on OTRS, OTRS becomes the trusted advisor of an organisation, i.e. the contract termination rate is in low single figures as a result.
  • Release cycles of < 12 months and, as such, a rapid adjustment to changes in requirements of markets and trends.
  • High modularity and flexibility of software, which permits the development of any markets and customer segments.
  • The availability of OTRS in more than 38 languages and constant further translations
  • A global user group, which promotes the distribution of software and provides OTRS Sales access to a user pool of more than 150,000 organisations. This allows customers to be generated without cold-calling.


Experienced management team and loyal employees with high level of expertise.

Unique selling points

Only manufacturer of the software

Owner of OTRS source code

German workmanship, developers almost exclusively in Germany

Financial Capacity

  • Solid return basis and high cash flow generation.
  • More than 70% of the turnover is generated in growing market segments.
  • 70% of turnover is recurrent turnover
  • Markets in which we are growing:
    • Security (IT Security, Risk Management)
    • Internal / External Customer Service
    • Air / Space / Defense
    • Public Sector
    • Healthcare
    • Facility Management
  • Extract from our customer portfolio:

OTRS Group has many well-known customers worldwide such as Philips, Commerzbank, Lufthansa usw.


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