Mission & Targets

Mission Statement


We give companies the freedom to be successful.

We believe that companies must be flexible to stay successful. When daily routines are embedded in reliable and transparent structures, this creates a space for the creativity that helps companies grow.


  • OTRS brings structure into dynamic business environments.
  • OTRS adapts to the requirements of each company and not the other way around.
  • OTRS provides companies with the DNA that supports the natural evolution of their processes.


We offer our customers Solution as a Service.

By this we mean the ability to choose from a variety of configuration options and supplementary features, exactly the ones you as the customer need for your scenario – complemented by consulting services and training.

Our core competences are:

  • Customer Service
  • ITSM
  • Corporate Security


In accordance with the strategic orientation of the OTRS Group, we pursue several objectives in parallel:


We strive to update the software permanently and adapt it to the requirements arising in its different areas of application. In doing so, we consider whether there are short-term trends or major changes in IT development. Because OTRS is designed for the long haul, we also assess trends in sustainability for us and our customers.

In principle, it is necessary to differentiate between changes to the OTRS cores, which are decisive for the performance of the software, and its add-on functionalities that can be used to meet different customer requirements. As a rule, a new release provides customization on both levels.

Market development

We are in line with our goal of international orientation through the structured expansion of our worldwide network of branch offices. In the decision for setting up a subsidiary, the market opportunities that will result for OTRS solutions are decisive. As an option, we also strengthen our network of partners, drawing on expertise and experience with local conditions.

Organizational development

In addition to the further development of a globally attractive product range and the correspondingly expanded sales channels, international growth also requires the foundation of a comprehensive organizational culture with dedicated processes that make planning, implementation and control comprehensible and reproducible.

Topics such as corporate communication, process management and employer branding are the main focus here.

This allows us to implement – internally and externally – our goal as a company, which is to create a reliable structure in dynamic corporate environments.


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