Decisions For
The Future

Every small step counts on the way to having a more sustainable business approach. Awareness is important, because our decisions today determine the quality of life tomorrow. We want to make our contributions by acting fairly, respectfully and responsibly; as a company, we will act in an environmentally-friendly and forward-thinking manner.

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Our beekeeper:

Hobby-Imkerei Walkmühle
Owner Andreas Glienke
An der Walkmühle 9
60437 Frankfurt – Nieder-Eschbach

Bees are not just beautiful creatures that produce tasty honey. They also play an extremely important role in our ecosystem. As pollinators, they are responsible, to a considerable extent, for the growth and well-being of our plants. OTRS Group has sponsored a beehive as part of its CSR program to support bee preservation. It is located on the bee trail in the Ginnheimer Wäldchen KGV. Guided tours are offered along the trail for those who are interested.

The population of our hive is currently about 30,000 animals and will grow to about 50,000 by June 21st, 2020, after which the population will decrease again and will enter winter with about 10,000-15,000 bees.

As the temperatures this year have already been quite high, the first honey will probably be harvested as early as the end of May 2020. When the time comes, we will have specially-labelled 250g jars filled with our OTRS Group honey. With a harvest of 30kg, we expect about 120 jars.

We are looking forward to this exciting project and to “our” bees.