December 2017

Time to Look Back as We Say Goodbye to 2017

2017 is almost over and once again it has been a good year for the company. Together with our clients we have achieved a great deal and can look back on numerous successes and wonderful moments.

Of course, our releases are one of our main areas of focus, and with the new major release OTRS Business Solution6 we were able to again provide many useful features. Avatars for agents, a new SMS communication channel, and a new graphic interface for the system configuration and personal settings are only a few examples.

One huge milestone this past year was the introduction of STORM powered by OTRS, with which OTRS introduced a new product for IT security processes to the market. STORM offers the right processes for emergencies and helps companies to be prepared for attacks – because in an emergency, reacting quickly is of the essence!

The sales figures for the first half of the year also showed that OTRS AG is on the right path. The company achieved a significant revenue increase of 4.8% to EUR 3,758 thousand (previous year: EUR 3,587 thousand).

Right at the beginning of the year we received good news concerning our activities in the growing Chinese market. OTRS Asia Ltd., the subsidiary of OTRS AG in the Asian region, announced Xi’an Dian Tong Software Co. as the new certified OTRS partner in the People’s Republic of China.

The OTRS Group was also able to win a new partner in Hungary: The company OTRS-Megoldások has been offering OTRS services on the Hungarian market since 2014 and specializes in installation, setup and support, as well as consulting services.

Another special highlight was the fully booked OTRS Boot Camp 2017 from July 31st to August 4th in Straubing, where participants put both their physical and mental fitness to the test.

Last but not least, in the year 2017 we had the chance to participate with great success in many external events. We were present at PINK17 in Las Vegas (19.02. – 22.02.), the IT-Expo in Zürich (05.04 – 06.04), the SDI17MX in Mexico (28.09.), the it-sa in Nuremberg (10.10. – 12.10.) as well as FUSION17 in Orlando (31.10. – 03.11.).

With these nice memories of the past year we want to say thank you to all our clients and the OTRS community. We look forward to working with you in 2018 and wish you a wonderful new year!



New OTRS Business Solution™ Features Explained in Detail

Enhanced Communication with SMS Tickets

This new feature makes it possible to create an “SMS ticket”, allowing your article to be sent as a text message to one or several recipients. This opens up fast new communication channels and creates multiple possibilities for mobile services and notifications that better attract the attention of your clients. In addition, it enables travel warnings to be sent to employees in the security field.

More details and information

Dynamic Field Web Service

This new dynamic field enables using data from remote systems as values for dynamic fields. The benefit is a faster implementation without custom programming for the OTRS Business Solution6.

Read a detailed description here

Total System Configuration Overhaul with the Time Machine Function

Before the release of OTRS 6, backing up a system’s configuration was only possible in its entirety. Because a backup has a time stamp, only a particular state was saved. Now, OTRS 6 makes it possible to view and restore previous revisions individually. This enables a changed setting to be reset very easily, reducing mistakes and downtimes. Furthermore, all changes are auditable, as the system registers which changes have been made by which person.

Click here for the individual steps



Security Advisory for Vulnerabilities Discovered in the OTRS Framework

In December, two security advisories were published. The vulnerabilities discovered enable the disclosure of internal article information and the manipulation of forms. All versions before OTRS 6 Patch Level 2, OTRS 5 Patch Level 25, and OTRS 4 Patch Level 27 are affected. The vulnerability that makes it possible to publish internal article information also affects all versions before OTRS 3.3 Patch Level 21. Please also note the details of Security Advisory 17-8 and Security Advisory 17-9.

New Patches Also Available at the End of the Year

The new patches OTRS 6 Patch Level 2, OTRS 5 Patch Level 25 and OTRS 4 Patch Level 27 are ready to download as of December 5th. As usual, the new patches for the ITSM modules complete the current framework versions. In addition to some new translations, a series of bug fixes improve the software in many areas.

Further information on the individual patches can be found on the overview page

You can download current patch level releases here


OTRS on the Road

Pink18 – “Adopt, Adapt & Apply”

OTRS will be at Pink once again. The 22nd Annual International IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition will take place from February 18th to 21st. This time, the motto of the event is “Adopt, Adapt & Apply” and focuses on how companies can handle the dynamics of today’s business processes. Speakers will refer to this topic in more than 120 sessions. At the OTRS booth, we will show you how business processes can be simplified with the OTRS Business Solution™ and how to get the best possible customer support with our software.

View the complete PINK18 program here


Customer Voices

OTRS Services Enabled Workflow Automation and a Company-Wide Unification of Processes

OTRS Kunde Mitel

“Just the OTRS process management module and the Postmaster filter already enable a high degree of automation. This leads to more efficient workflows and can be implemented by our employees independently.”

– Andreas Szameit, EMEA Service Delivery Manager at Mitel

Read the complete success story of Mitel Deutschland GmbH on our website


News from the OTRS Academy

OTRS Expert Training – Process Management

This training module perfectly complements the OTRS Expert Training and is aimed at administrators that can already handle simple processes with OTRS. On this basis, participants learn about the interaction of single OTRS components and how they can be used as efficiently as possible. The module lasts two days and provides deep insight into the possibilities of the OTRS process management feature.

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With a Successful Training Year Behind Us, We Look Forward to 2018’s Training Schedule

The positive feedback from participants and our fully booked courses show how successful our training program has been so far, and in 2018 we will continue to build on this success. Our extensive training calendar for next year is ready!

All dates for 2018


Your first training opportunity in January:

OTRS Administrator Training (German)
Date: January 22–25, 2018
Location: Straubing, Germany