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Ready for your career on stage?

As different as the challenges of our customers are, as diverse are the possible solutions with OTRS. Being the “face to the customer,” our consultants are experts in working with our customers to turn the right screws in order to get the most out of OTRS. They prefer to do this in various workshops, which sometimes take place on-site, but more and more often remotely. Whether evaluation, conceptual design or implementation, from requirements analysis to handover, nothing is left to chance. Our consultants also take care of training future OTRS users and administrators. And since they easily manage the balancing act between professional competence and humor in all these different workshops, they not only have great success, but also have a lot of fun.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the right organization: as a crucial part of consulting, our project coordinators are true masters when it comes to keeping an eye on schedule management and deployment planning. They are the conductors of our workshop orchestra and make sure that everything goes smoothly not only in front of the curtain but also behind it.

But whether you’re a project coordinator, implementation specialist or trainer, if you enjoy helping customers find the best possible solution and “entertaining” them a bit in the process, then you’re in good hands with this team. The stage is yours!

"Every single colleague in the department is just so nice and funny that it feels like a big friend group that works together on projects. "

"I love to help the customers meet their requirements and implement ideas. I also like to find solutions for different problems to both establish new answers and improve existing processes."


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