Digital transformation: Lack of budget is the main reason for delaying digital transformation

Cupertino, CA, June 18, 2019 – A large number of German (27 percent) and American (29 percent) companies are on the way to completing

Cupertino, CA, June 18, 2019 – A large number of German (27 percent) and American (29 percent) companies are on the way to completing digital transformation, estimating that they have finished 75% of their plans. This is the result of an OTRS study conducted among 350 IT managers in Germany and the USA. [1] In fact, 15 percent of American and 9 percent of German companies have already completed 100 percent of their digital transformation goals and are now evaluating the progress achieved.

Not all companies plan digital transformation

But there are also a considerable number of companies – 13 percent in the USA and 23 percent in Germany – that are still in the planning process and have not yet taken any concrete steps toward digital transformation. A total of seven percent of all companies surveyed have no digitization plans.

Lack of budget and corporate culture are main reasons for delay

The majority of companies that have started implementing digital transformation say that the steps already taken have had a positive effect (84 percent). However, at least ten percent also say that their efforts towards digital transformation have so far had no effect.

The biggest “showstopper” in digital transformation is a lack of budget (22 percent). This is followed by corporate culture, which is often too rigid for change (17 percent) and a lack of skills (13 percent).

On the open-ended question of what positive effects digital transformation has had so far, the majority answered that the benefits have been time savings through increased efficiency, followed by improved quality and less waste.

“As our results show, not all companies have yet arrived in the digital age – even if there is a strong trend in this direction”, says Sabine Riedel, member of the board at OTRS AG, as she explains the results. “It is disillusioning that budget reasons play such a major role. It is important to estimate the financial expenditures carefully and plan on a long-term basis. It is also important to note the extra expenditure of time that must be budgeted for regarding enterprise communication and the implementation of appropriate tools. “

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[1] The study was conducted online via Pollfish in May 2019 among 350 IT managers in Germany and the USA.

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