February 2018


New OTRS Business Solution™ Features Explained in Detail

Update All Installed Packages at Once

Another smaller but very useful new feature in OTRS 6 is the possibility to update all installed packages simultaneously via the OTRS Package Manager.
You may have recognized the new button in one of our beta versions.

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Customer User Information Center

In OTRS 6 we added the Customer User Information Center. This new frontend works like the existing “Customer Information Center”, but also provides additional data regarding specific customer users and not only the customer company.
Now, in addition to personal data, open or closed, escalated and new tickets of a customer user, among others, are also visible.
This feature is mainly used in the field of customer service and is helpful for companies that deal with many different contact persons.

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New Patches available

As of February 13, new patches for OTRS 6 Patch Level 5 are available. The OTRS::ITSM module also gets its fifth patch. Patch Level 3 is available for the other public modules OTRS FAQ 6, OTRS MasterSlave 6, OTRS Survey 6 and OTRS TimeAccounting 6.
New translations and bug fixes optimize the software in many areas.

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OTRS on the Road

OTRS at SITS in London, June 5 – 6, 2018

The Service Desk & IT Support Show is the premier event for IT service management and support experts in the UK. Taking place at the London Olympia, it brings together more than 3,700 IT decision makers to exchange views and know-how in over 60 seminars and keynote presentations. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity in the UK to meet so many ITSM providers at one place.
In addition, a variety of free training events will be offered.
OTRS will be present at this great event to introduce its ITSM solutions and other scenarios.

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OTRS in Action

Optimize Customer Service Easily – Working Successfully with OTRS as a Customer Service Solution

Customer service, ITSM and corporate security are the core competencies of OTRS, and thanks to the great flexibility of our software, there are almost no restrictions to its use.
We offer our customers “Solutions as a Service”. This means choosing from the variety of configuration options and additional features exactly those that customers need for their individual requirements – complemented by consulting and training services.
OTRS adapts to the needs of the company, not the other way around.
OTRS is never too big or too small for a company, and a company is never too big or too small for OTRS.

When used in the area of customer service, OTRS customers can benefit from:

– Structured and efficient processing of emails and requests
– Targeted expert assignment
– High-quality customer communication through response templates
– 24/7 availability
– Communication history
– Rapid feedback
– Reporting and measurable performance
– Clear priorities through different service levels
– Compatibility with all current browsers and devices

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A Big Thanks to Our Customers!

Successful Implementation of Ideas with IdeaScale

Today we would like to send out a big thanks to all our customers!
For a while now it has been possible to propose ideas for new features on IdeaScale – either directly or through our consultants. The participation has been great and we are pleased to continue making OTRS even better together!

4 of the 5 top ideas have already been implemented:

News from the OTRS Academy

The OTRS::ITSM Administrator Training

With the OTRS::ITSM Administrator Training your administrator will become an expert in our IT service management solution, allowing you to quickly deploy the ITSM solution and the necessary IT infrastructure.
This one-day, intensive course provides the administrator with deep knowledge about installing, configuring, customizing and maintaining OTRS::ITSM and using the integrated CMDB efficiently. We recommend participating in a platform-specific OTRS Administrator Training course as a requirement prior to this course.

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Training opportunities March and April:

OTRS Administrator Training (Chinese)
Date: March 15 – 17, 2018
Location: Shanghai, China

OTRS Administrator Training (Chinese)
Date: March 22 – 24, 2018
Location: Xi’an, China

OTRS Administrator Training (Spanish)
Date: March 26 – 29, 2018
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

OTRS Administrator Training (Portuguese)
Date: April 2 – 5, 2018
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

OTRS Administrator Training (Italian)
Date: April 16 – 19, 2018
Location: Bolzano, Italy

OTRS Administrator Training (Chinese)
Date: April 19 – 21, 2018
Location: Beijing, China

OTRS Administrator Training (English)
Date: April 23 – 26, 2018
Location: Straubing, Germany