Holiday season: How companies make it easier to work with temporary workers

Cupertino, November 5, 2019 – The holidays are approaching and online shops are booming.

This is the season when the package delivery industry must increasingly hire temporary workers / Three tips for uncomplicated onboarding

Cupertino, November 5, 2019 – The holidays are approaching and online shops are booming. According to the United States Postal Service, an estimated 16 billion packages and pieces of mail are expected to be delivered during the season. This means that the package delivery industry, as well as other sectors, will increasingly need the support of temporary workers from Thanksgiving into the new year. Many companies are afraid of the administrative work involved in hiring and training seasonal workers, but automated processes can help.

“The stressful holiday season can be a real challenge for online shops, delivery companies and many other industries,” says Christopher Kuhn, COO of OTRS AG. The workload can quickly double. Therefore, we recommend automated solutions to keep the administrative effort as low as possible and to keep focus on the core business”.

Automated handling of onboarding activities

When a new employee is hired, personnel data must be recorded, accounts/passwords must be created, and uniforms must be handed out. Especially when so many new employees start at one time, this can be manually time consuming, but a business process management system can map every step of the onboarding process and handle work processes automatically. The personal data of the temporary worker only has to be entered once; then, the employees who are involved in preparing for the person’s first day are automatically notified, actions to be taken are directed by the system and all necessary steps are documented. As soon as the temporary employee arrives, the administrative tasks have been addressed and work can begin immediately.

Optimization of routine tasks through fixed process flows

It can cost a lot of time to train each temporary worker personally and to again and again, explain tasks or remind him of steps to be taken. Here, too, an automated system makes work a lot easier: Regularly occurring work steps are clearly presented and reminders are automatically triggered. As a rule, even complex tasks can be performed by new or untrained employees.

Efficient resource planning

Often, newly formed teams have to quickly produce results together. The more transparently they work together, the better this works. Shared calendars make it possible to keep track of employee and team workloads. With an automated system, incoming customer inquiries are also directly assigned dates and times, triggering a calendar entry. No details are lost and the team is able to document the work in the same way.

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