January 2018

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New OTRS Business Solution™ Features Explained in Detail

Redesigned Address Book

Before OTRS 6 it was not possible to send a single e-mail to several recipients – each user had to be messaged individually.

In OTRS 6 a specific search for customer users or assigned attributes in the address book is possible. This way, all users that e.g. use a specific product can be searched for and informed in one step. This function can be used for mailing lists or internal information, among others. Sending options include “to”, “cc” and “bcc” are available.

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Improved Agent Preferences

In older OTRS versions the agent preferences consisted of only one table with 3 columns. With the release of OTRS 6 we have modernized this system. Upon opening the software you’ll first see the icons for “User Profile”, “Notifications” and “Miscellaneous” settings. Once you open the “User profile” settings, you’ll see another improvement: You now have the option of editing one or more settings at the same time and deploying them all at once.

OTRS Business Solution™ 6 users will see an additional “Advanced” icon in the agent preferences overview. The advanced settings allow an agent to override global preferences defined by an administrator.

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January starts with new patches for OTRS 6 Patch Level 4, available for download as of January 16th. As usual, the new patches for the ITSM modules complete the current framework versions.
New translations and bug fixes optimize the software in many areas.

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OTRS on the Road

OTRS at the Brasilia TI Fair with Voyager Quality Assurance

On December 5-7, 2017, OTRS and its partner Voyager Quality Assurance participated in the Brasilia TI Fair.

The event focused on IT services offered to the Brazilian government for its e-government platform. OTRS was invited by its regional partner Voyager Quality Assurance.
The fair had over 70 exhibitors, ranging from cyber security to smart agricultural systems service providers, and it proved to be a successful forum for in-depth discussions on the future of IT services for the Brazilian government.
A number of government customers attended the event, some of which have been using OTRS for years. Of particular interest to OTRS was an exchange with the Brazilian Institute for Science and Information Technology (IBICT), where we had an exciting discussion about their challenges and the importance of support and training for the efficient use of OTRS.

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Working at OTRS

Don’t Apply for Just Any Job, Apply for the Job You Deserve!

We regularly report in this newsletter about OTRS as a provider of flexible and individual solutions. We are known for providing services to companies in the areas of customer support, ITSM and IT security, where our software improves the structure of communication processes and gives companies the freedom to succeed.

But today we would like to present OTRS from another perspective – as an employer.

OTRS has managed to integrate the open source vision into its business culture and puts it into practice daily. We believe that employees should work in areas that match their strengths and competencies and find working conditions that fit their nature. This goes from choosing the right working hours, to picking one’s own place of work.

We believe that performance is at its peak when employees can work according to their preferences.

Not only is working with OTRS fun, working at OTRS is too!

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Career Opportunities
Today: Development

You think that software development is a bit one-sided? Not here at OTRS, where our developers deal with a variety of customers, industries and countries and supervise a wide range of projects.

After all, they are the ones responsible for the core of our company:
OTRS, and keeping it up-to-date with the best features and functionalities.
And since we always want to offer the right solution for every customer, work never gets boring. There is always something to do and to work on.

If you’re interested in software development, just take a look at our job offers.

We are recruiting!



News from the OTRS Academy

OTRS Developer Training: Frontend

This two-day OTRS surface design training course teaches important skills for personalization through the creation of skins (CSS) and themes (HTML).
The course contents are extensive and varied and include the presentation of useful tools for development with OTRS.

Only basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is required.

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Training Courses in February:

OTRS Administrator Training (German)
Date: February 05–08, 2018
Location: Oberursel, Germany

OTRS Expert Training Process Management (German)
Date: February 21–22, 2018
Location: Oberursel, Germany

OTRS Expert Training (German)
Date: February 26–March 01, 2018
Location: Oberursel, Germany



Be an Expert – News from the Certification Program:

Together with each administrator training course you have the opportunity to be certified through our Certification Program. In December we had our most recent certification tests, and it is our pleasure to welcome these OTRS administrators to the OTRS Certified family.