May 2018


New OTRS Features Explained in Detail

How to Connect OTRS to Icinga2 – Part 3

Last time you learned how to change hosts – this time we’ll show you how to delete hosts. To do this you first need running OTRS and Icinga2 systems. A use case for this connector is if you have a release and deployment management process in your OTRS system and want to automatically transfer information to Icinga2.

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Software News


As of May 4th new patches for OTRS 6 Patch Level 7 are available for download. As usual, the new patches for the ITSM modules complement the current framework versions. New patches are also available for the Public Modules OTRS FAQ 6.0.6, OTRS Survey 6.0.4, OTRS Time Accounting 6.0.4 and OTRS Master Slave 6.0.5.

New translations and bug fixes optimize the software in many areas.

Further information on the individual patches can be found on the overview page

Download current patch level releases here

OTRS on the Road

SITS in London from June 5th to 6th, 2018

It’s nearly time: On June 5th the doors to this year’s Service Desk & IT Support Show will open. It is the premier event for IT Service Management and support experts in the UK and will take place at London’s Olympia. More than 3,700 IT decision-makers are expected, and more than 60 seminars and keynotes complete this unique learning opportunity. Nowhere else in the UK will you be able to meet so many ITSM providers in person. Plus, the event also offers many free training courses!

In tune with the event’s main topic, OTRS will be there to introduce its ITSM solutions.

Visit us at booth no. 580. We look forward to seeing you!

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OTRS – The Product Check

Part 1: Daily business shows what OTRS can do

Our OTRS experts give you the freedom to work in an efficient, safe and focused way –  because your OTRS system is configured individually to fit your needs! And it doesn’t matter how big the company is or what sector it belongs to. OTRS supports you in your daily work by providing structure and efficiency, but it also improves your strategic management and thus your overall business performance. This means you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition. In addition, OTRS is a true team player that integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

Today we will look at how OTRS helps your daily business, where it’s all about successful communication. A good communication system must be structured and efficient, and OTRS ensures that the right contacts always communicate with each other and that requests are directly assigned to the responsible departments, instead of going nowhere or being left unanswered for a long time. The corresponding functionalities guarantee fast processing and evaluation. And because all relevant information is fully documented, even new employees can work on any process seamlessly from its most recent status. For their part, senders have the option of viewing the processing status of their request at any time.

With OTRS process templates, workflows can also be ideally optimized – something especially suited to standardized processes. In addition, it is also possible to create processes tailored to your needs.

OTRS contributes communication templates and request masks to increase efficiency. The result: you save time and guarantee consistent quality and extensive standardization.

Read more about the benefits of OTRS in Daily Business

In the next newsletter we will talk about how OTRS supports your business excellence.

A Successful Start

Starting professionally with OTRS – the first steps

We are at your side every step of the way – at least as far as OTRS is concerned:

from initial analysis and system adaptation, to daily operations.

You think all beginnings are tough? Not with us, because our experts know exactly what’s important. Their experience helps you take the right steps for OTRS to make you successful in the long run. Our motto: “Well developed solutions for sustainable results”.

The road map for starting out with OTRS:


During the EVALUATION we want to understand your requirements and identify the problem. That is a prerequisite for us. You will also learn more about OTRS and our solutions. Once the evaluation is done, you will understand the details of the process and receive a customized offer.

For a successful implementation, we need to know exactly how you are currently working and how you would like to continue in the future. The result of this is the OTRS basic configuration at the end of the CUSTOMIZATION process.

During the PROCESS CONSULTATION phase, your existing processes are documented, reviewed and then transferred to the OTRS process management system.

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By the way, have we mentioned how quick it is to get OTRS up and running? While a rollout with other solutions sometimes takes months, we can adapt OTRS to your business in just a few days and make it productive almost immediately.

News from the OTRS Academy

Training opportunities in June and July:

OTRS Administrator Training (Spanish)
Date: 04th June – 07th June 2018
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

OTRS Administrator Training (German)
Date: 11th June – 14th June 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany

OTRS Administrator Training (Portuguese)
Date: 19th June – 22nd June 2018
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

OTRS Administrator Training (Mandarin)
Date: 21st June – 23rd June 2018
Location: Shanghai, China

OTRS Administrator Training (German)
Date: 09th July – 12th July 2018
Location: Oberursel, Germany

OTRS Administrator Training (Mandarin)
Date: 19th July – 21st July 2018
Location: Beijing, China

OTRS Administrator Training (Mandarin)
Date: 26th July – 28th July 2018
Location: Xi’an, China



Please open service inquiries exclusively via our customer portal. This is the only way to ensure that requests are correctly classified and that we can provide the optimal service on time and according to the corresponding service level. As only authorized persons have this option, this also protects your company, because it means that no inquiries can be made that might endanger your OTRS system.