OTRS celebrates 15 years of growth

Oberursel, September 4, 2018 – OTRS AG, the world’s leading provider of solutions for process and communication management, celebrated its 15th anniversary on August 28 in Oberursel, Germany.

Expansion continues as the Germany-based company establishes its sixth international location in Budapest


Oberursel, September 4, 2018 – OTRS AG, the world’s leading provider of solutions for process and communication management, celebrated its 15th anniversary on August 28 in Oberursel, Germany. OTRS was launched in 2000 as a purely open-source project by developers in Hessian Bad Homburg. Today, the company has grown significantly and is now listed on the German Stock Exchange. It employs over 100 people and maintains six international branches, one of which is in Cupertino, CA. Renowned companies such as Lufthansa, IBM and Bayer represent OTRS’ customer base.

Customers appreciate OTRS’ internationality and reliable support
What started as a ticket system to address classic IT service management scenarios is today a software suite used worldwide to address a wide variety of use cases. In addition to the aforementioned ITSM offerings, it provides communication and process structure to customer service and IT security organizations. More than 170,000 companies worldwide use OTRS, including over 40 percent of the DAX 30 companies. Lufthansa was one of the company’s first customers.

To keep pace with the global marketplace, OTRS has built-in language support, allowing international organizations to share a single system. For example, Excelitas Technology Corporation, a global manufacturer in the field of Optoelectronics, uses OTRS internationally. “Since we use OTRS in locations around the world, the availability of many different languages for the interface makes it much easier for us to work with the system,” says Stefan Goerke, IT infrastructure manager at Excelitas.

Livit AG, a real estate management company, particularly appreciates the reliable support: “In the seven years that we have already used OTRS as a contract customer, we have only had positive experiences. For us, reliable and competent support is simply priceless,” says Georg Rabbit, head of IT operations at Livit AG.

Milestones from OTRS’ first 15 years / new office in Hungary
Important milestones in OTRS’ 15-year history are the IPO in the year 2009 and the adjustment of the business model to focus on providing a managed solution. The constantly pursued internationalization, with office openings in the USA and Mexico (2010), China and Brazil (2016) and Singapore (2017), is also an important achievement in the company’s history.

The most recent success is the opening of a new branch in Hungary. OTRS subsidiary OTRS Magyarország Kft. was founded in Budapest last month. Prior to its opening, there had been cooperation with a Hungarian sales partner that demonstrated emerging business potential, so the establishment of a separate office was a logical step. In addition to the positive business forecasts in Hungary, the company  also looks forward to three new, professional employees who are based at the Budapest location and already know the OTRS service management suite very well.

The recipe for success
In response to the question about his recipe for success, André Mindermann, CEO and co-founder of OTRS AG replied: “Employees are the most important asset. Therefore, work should help to develop the individual personality instead of subjugating it. If we are successful as a company, then this is exactly what we have achieved and we benefit from the contribution that our employees can make through their personal development. We look forward to the next 15 years.”

More information about OTRS AG can be found at OTRS.com.


OTRS AG is the world’s largest service provider for the OTRS Service Management Suite and offers companies of all sizes flexible process and communication management solutions to save time and money. Its clients include Lufthansa, Airbus, IBM, Porsche, Siemens, Bayer Pharma AG, BSI (Federal Office for Information Security), Max Planck Institute, Toyota, Huawei, Hapag Lloyd and Banco do Brazil (Bank of Brazil ). More than 170,000 companies worldwide use OTRS amongst them more than 40 percent of the DAX 30 companies. OTRS is available in 38 languages. The company consists of OTRS AG and its six subsidiaries OTRS Inc. (USA), OTRS S.A. de C.V. (Mexico), OTRS ASIA Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), OTRS Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong) and OTRS Do Brasil Soluções Ltda. (Brazil) and OTRS Magyarország Kft. (Hungary). OTRS AG is listed in the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Further information at: www.otrs.com

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