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Cupertino, April 20, 2021 – OTRS Group has set its course to exploit the full innovative power of OTRS by changing its strategic orientation.

The newly formed Research & Prototyping department integrates trend topics into OTRS

Cupertino, April 20, 2021 – OTRS Group has set its course to exploit the full innovative power of OTRS by changing its strategic orientation.

What does innovation mean for a company? Google.de has the following answer: A company is considered innovative when it is prepared to design its products and processes with the future in mind. Companies, as well as the market in which they operate, are complex systems that change quickly. Often the success of a company lies in its innovative strength.

OTRS Group’s Solution Management is the answer to the increasing complexity in a constantly changing environment. Through continuous research into innovative ideas as well as their implementation, we show our customers the way to the future. The newly established Research & Prototyping team, which operates under the umbrella of our Solution Management concept, conducts research on the following topics:

Conferencing & Communication: Due to working in the home office, the demand for video & voice conferencing solutions embedded in OTRS has increased. In cooperation with other providers, OTRS Group is evaluating options to enable customers to seamlessly use OTRS in conjunction with video and voice conferencing.

Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things networks physical objects (things of all kinds) with each other and maps them in a virtual representation. Through integration with OTRS, faults can be efficiently recorded and processed; the processes surrounding maintenance can be controlled in a process-driven manner.

Anomaly Detection: OTRS software should be enabled to examine data independently in order to be able to recognize anomalies in cooperation with other technologies.

Security Information & Event Management: SIEMs are specialized systems that analyze various data sources and trigger certain actions in case of deviations from recognized regularities. Through integration of the security solution STORM powered by OTRS, events can be triggered in order to initiate the necessary countermeasures, for example.

“For us, innovation is not just an empty phrase,” says Christopher Kuhn, COO at OTRS Group. “We use our resources specifically for our customers. “Thus, we can promise them an innovative solution with professional support for the long term.”

More info on OTRS at: https://otrs.com/product-otrs/




About OTRS Group

OTRS Group is the manufacturer and the world’s largest provider of the service management suite OTRS, awarded with the SERVIEW CERTIFIED TOOL seal of approval.

It offers companies industry-independent solutions for structured communication in customer service, IT service management and security management. In addition to the core product OTRS, the security solutions STORM and CONTROL ensure efficient cybersecurity incident management and transparent documentation in accordance with standards such as ISO 27001.

Among its customers are Lufthansa, Airbus, IBM, Porsche, BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology), Max Planck Institute, Toyota and Hapag Lloyd. OTRS is available in 40 languages. The company consists of OTRS AG and its six subsidiaries OTRS Inc. (USA), OTRS S.A. de C.V. (Mexico), OTRS Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), OTRS Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong), OTRS do Brasil Soluções Ltda. (Brazil) and OTRS Magyarország Kft. (Hungary). OTRS AG is listed on the basic board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. For more information, see www.otrs.com.


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