Working While Traveling? Danger Lurks.

Cupertino, July 11, 2019 – More and more often, people are escaping the summer heat to work not only in the office, but also on their balcony, in the swimming pool, at holiday resorts or wherever air conditioning is offered.

OTRS Group provides safety tips for working while on the move.

Cupertino, July 11, 2019 – More and more often, people are escaping the summer heat to work not only in the office, but also on their balcony, in the swimming pool, at holiday resorts or wherever air conditioning is offered. Some even transform their entire workplace into a trip around the world: The number of digital nomads is currently estimated at half a million people.[1]

While working on the move is a welcome distraction, it also poses increased safety risks.

OTRS Group has therefore compiled the following tips on how to stay as safe as possible when working outside the office:

Use VPN access.

When employees on the move use public WiFi – whether on holiday at the hotel bar or in a local café – they should know that access is usually not encrypted. This means that unauthorized people can easily gain access to personal data. In some areas of the world, WLAN´s (Wireless Local Area Networks) are often even easier to access than in Germany or the United States which means that travelers can quickly connect to and access the Internet without paying too much attention to security. Therefore, it is recommended that employees always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Protection against higher theft probability.

When visiting certain holiday locations, or even simply working out in the public, laptops and mobile phones can be stolen more quickly than in the office. That’s why you have to be very careful: All devices should always be locked – even if the user simply stops working for a moment. The hard disk should also be encrypted. Additionally, if you plan ahead and implement “remote erasability,” you can also delete your confidential data while on the move should your device be stolen.

Data storage devices should also always be encrypted.

When working outside the office, it is often helpful to have a USB stick or other data storage device with you. But there is also an increased probability of these being stolen too, so be sure to encrypt your storage devices as well.

Beware of USB outlets.

USB power outlets (e.g. in airports) offer a quick solution when power is running low on mobile phones or PCs. Pay attention: USB ports can also be used for transferring data. It is possible that the port, which is supposed to be used exclusively for charging, has been misused to access data without authorization. USB data blockers are a remedy. These are small connectors that only activate the power connection and cut the data connection when used.

Social Engineering.

Especially on holiday, the atmosphere is relaxed. You may talk to many new people. Sometimes hackers try to obtain confidential data in personal conversations, known as “social engineering,” so be aware of what you share.

“If coworkers are not working in the office, but instead connect from other places while on vacation, they are often faster, more careless and overlook safety recommendations”, says Jens Bothe, security expert and OTRS AG Global Director Consulting. “That’s why it’s important to raise awareness about the fact that security risks can be even greater outside the office.“

As a provider of the security solution STORM, OTRS is always up to date regarding security trends and needs. Read here our blog on the latest security topics.





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