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When did you join OTRS Group and why did you choose us?

In March 2018 I was still in the States on a road trip and a headhunter passed on the job description to me. After reading it, I had the feeling that I wrote it. The rest was very smooth, and I joined OTRS in May 2018.


Why did you become an UX-/UI-Designer and what is special about this job for you?

My career started in 1998 as a designer, designing and coding websites, creating Flash applications, and so on. But my real passion was understanding the user’s flow and how he/she uses the application and improving this.

At OTRS Group we mainly work from home office. How do you still manage to maintain a team feeling?

We’re daily in conversations and have regular meet-ups to discuss things in a bigger round. And we do meet approximately 3-4 times a year physically and hang out for a week.

How does a perfect working day start for you?

A perfect working day starts with no meetings and a design project I can deep dive into.

Be honest! What can we do better or what do you wish for the future?

My wish would be the 4-day working week.

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