"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

This quote from Peter Drucker explains the value we attach to our culture compared to the importance of strategy: culture is the top priority in our company.

But what do we mean by that? Culture per se does not exist: it is made by people. That’s why we can actively influence how it should look here. You can read about how we do this in the following text.

Work ­Hours

Individuality is not only an important advantage when using our software, but it is also part of our culture. We do not have fixed working hours; rather we employ the concept of core working hours. We know that not all people are productive at the same time of day. There are night owls and early risers. And everyone works best if they are allowed to follow their personal rhythm.


The idea of freedom is a driving force in our business model and is equally fundamental to OTRS’ corporate culture. This is reflected in our definition of an ideal workplace. We believe that everyone should work where they feel comfortable. Of course, our offices in Oberursel and Straubing, as well as in all the beautiful cities in which our branches are located, are places where we like to be. But we also understand when colleagues prefer their home office.


Openness is not only part of our work ethic, but also literally refers to our offices. We cultivate the principle of open doors to encourage uncomplicated exchange of ideas. From trainee to board member and back again, everyone can be contacted at any time. It goes without saying that there are times when important tasks limit availability, but the basic idea is non-negotiable.


We believe in success through joy and joy through success. Therefore it is our goal for everyone to be tasked with activities that they consider fun and which correspond to their competencies during as many working hours as possible. Additionally, we ensure that teams can continue to develop – individually and as a group, professionally and personally – with each member leveraging his or her own strengths.


Life isn’t just about work. Our families are at least as important. Having the right balance between work and leisure time is an important prerequisite for the satisfaction and health of our employees. We think in a “family-friendly” way and are also extremely fond of animals. We even have office dogs and guide dogs in our office. In fact, sometimes the next generation of employees comes to visit too. Visit to the doctor? No problem at all thanks to our home office policies! And, our many flexible work hour models keep it all in balance.


In our private lives, the use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets is no longer given a second thought. So, why should it be any different in our professional lives? In times of digital transformation using the latest technology is a matter of course for us. That’s why we equip all our employees with a MacBook and, if necessary, a smartphone. Depending on job and affiliation, we also provide company cars.


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“((enjoy)) does not only represent how pleasant it is to work with our software, but also the experience we have while we are working!”