OTRS Group


German roots take to the international stage.   


OTRS AG Headquarters
Zimmersmühlenweg 11
61440 Oberursel


Bahnhofplatz 1a
94315 Straubing

OTRS AG can look back on more than 15 years of success. It began in 2000 as a purely open source project in Straubing, Lower Bavaria. Since then the enterprise has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and employs over 100 team members worldwide.

OTRS AG’s headquarters are currently in Oberursel – deep in the scenic Taunus region and in direct proximity to Frankfurt.

The offices in Oberursel and the second location in Straubing, Bavaria, form the German roots of the now international globally-operating company.


Spirit of new beginnings and discovery – the facets of cultural community.


10080 N. Wolfe Road
Suite SW3-200
CA USA 95014

The OTRS founders’ spirit still accompanies us today. What we value most about our employees is their desire to discover, experiment and question. Ideal conditions exist for successful entrepreneurship – in Germany as well as in the USA. Germany, the location of OTRS headquarters, has led the list of the best places for entrepreneurship over the past three years. The United States followed Japan in third place.


Seizing opportunities with passion and intellect.


OTRS S.A. de C.V.
Av. Insurgentes Sur 863, Piso 7 Of 01
Col. Nápoles
03810 Mexico City

The link between companies and the country in which they operate is a prevailing need on both sides to guide and develop opportunities. Improving circumstances and supporting others is typical of the people of Mexico and Latin America in general. It is also one of the characteristics of OTRS Group.

The Mexicans are dedicated, hard-working and known for their creativity as well as an unrestrained will to go above and beyond. With their friendly and polite manner, they treat strangers as if they have always belonged. They are proud of their origins and culture.

The local food is fantastic and varied – just like the country – where you frequently encounter the contrast between modern cities and untouched nature.


Great results at a low cost and with maximum efficiency.


OTRS do Brasil Soluções Ltda.
Av. Paulista, 37 – 4º
Andar – Bela Vista
CEP: 01311-902
São Paulo/SP

OTRS has been present in Brazil for some time now. Our open source roots have enabled many companies as well as the Brazilian government to achieve great results through maximum efficiency.

OTRS was introduced in Brazil at a time when most of our competitors were unable to match our free offering. This explains why the company is so popular in Brazil.

Brazil has an amazing potential for growth and development and is a country of incomparable natural beauty. The Amazon region alone provides 20% of the world’s oxygen, although it is only half the size of continental Europe. In addition, the country is naturally known for carnival and football – great passions of Brazilians.


Cross-border communication made easy.


26 Eng Hoon Street
Singapore 169776

APAC countries are known for their fast-paced businesses, corporate culture and lifestyles – especially in metropolises, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Business negotiations often extend into evenings. Meeting people who react to emails on their way to work or during leisure activities with family or friends is not uncommon. Working on the move is the way of life.

OTRS makes it easier for customers in this region to access information, regardless of their location. The simple and modern OTRS interface makes communication between APAC countries easy-to-understand despite various differences in culture and language: OTRS provides an international communication platform.


Part of the team from the very beginning.


OTRS Magyarország Kft.
Kálmán Imre utca 1
1054 Budapest

OTRS has been used successfully in Hungary for a long time – a sign that Hungarian companies need an Open Source ticket system. In fact, parts of OTRS 1.2 have already been translated into Hungarian. And since 2015, OTRS and all related documentation have been fully available in Hungarian. Once that happened, the importance of OTRS in Hungary increased significantly.

OTRS is now used in both the commercial and public sectors of Hungary. The aim is to introduce this outstanding service management software to even more Hungarian organizations.

Hungary has a great tradition of innovation. Well-known examples are game theory, the conception of cellular machines, universal constructors and digital computers – all by János Neumann. Other Hungarian inventions include a magic cube from Ernő Rubik, the electric light bulb from Imre Bródy and the ballpoint pen from László Bíró.