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OTRS Mission and Goals

Our corporate strategy is like a compass. It enables us to review our chosen path in terms of direction, efficiency and quality and – where necessary – correct it. It shapes our success and defines the way we work. The framework for our corporate strategy is determined by our mission statement which drives the goals and objectives of OTRS.




We give companies the freedom to be successful and to believe in flexibility. Digital structures that integrate standardized processes and make communication transparent create space for creativity thereby helping companies to grow.



OTRS brings structure to dynamic corporate environments. It is not the customer's company that must adapt to OTRS; rather OTRS adapts to each company. OTRS is like DNA for companies, supporting the natural evolution of their processes.



We offer our customers a Solution-as-a-Service. To us, this means that they are able to select exactly the configuration options and supplementary features that are needed for their unique requirements from a multitude of available options – all backed by consulting services and training.




We practice agility through continuous development, constant adaptation and a focus on relevance. At the same time, we think long-term and evaluate trends with regard to sustainability. We differentiate between changes to the OTRS core system and functionalities that should become add-ons.

Market Development

Market Development

We have an international orientation and are consistently pursuing this strategy. The number of OTRS branches worldwide is growing steadily. The new market opportunities for OTRS are pivotal. At the same time, we are continuing to strengthen our partner network.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

In addition to product development and the expansion of sales channels, international growth necessitates an organizational culture with processes that make planning, implementation and control transparent. Our focus is on topics such as corporate communication, process management and employer branding.

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