Working at OTRS Group. This is how freedom feels.

We spend a lot of time at work. That makes it all the more important that we like what we’re doing – in every respect. As a challenge, for personal development, and to quite simply have fun. At OTRS Group, we seek people who have a passion for their jobs, genuine enthusiasm and who enjoy making a difference. We work in pursuit of common goals – no matter which of our departments you choose.


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Are you a striker too?

Our marketing experts are definitely among them. Brainstorming opens our minds, taking us away from the beaten path to genuinely new ideas. After all, we have high ideals for unique ways of communicating that have been developed by being open-minded, are based on solid concept development and are supported by market analysis facts.

“Communicating with care and creativity.”


Are you a second Picasso?

What does Picasso have to do with sales? He was a master at selling his own painting in a pushy way: That’s not what we’re looking for at OTRS Group. Rather, we’re seeking partners who advise our customers individually and can prepare an optimal offer for them. This requires sound knowledge, excellent communication skills and sensitivity to customer needs.

“Happy Hunting!”


Do you have a talent for performing?

Well, you’re already in the right frame of mind. Our consultants provide our clients with what we call internally dog and pony show: They advise and support our customers in the realization of their OTRS projects through implementation and configuration. And, they do so all around the globe. They always manage the balancing act of high professional competence and humor.

“We are the face to the customer.”

Solution Management

Fancy software development in the daylight?

The fact that developers create software is not new. On its own, that sounds a bit monotonous, right? But it’s not at all, because our developers deal with different customers, industries and countries. They realize projects and solve problems. And they work on the core of our company: OTRS. OTRS is full of exciting features and is never fully developed. Plus, our developers love daylight!

“That is not a bug, but an undocumented feature.”

Customer Solutions

Support is good. Solutions are better.

Strictly offering support is not enough for us. That’s why we call this team customer solutions. Our team finds real solutions for our customers. Working from virtual offices around the globe, they provide technical expertise whenever and wherever it is needed! Each individual shares his or her know-how and enjoys showing how to get the most out of OTRS.

“The answer is 42.”

Global Finance​

What do you see when you see numbers?

This global team strives for supporting the OTRS Group’s strategic decision making. Its activities are related to accounting, analysis, cross-departamental processes, transfer pricing, policy making, among others. Its members are from different parts of the world, who strive for transparency, accuracy, being inquisitive and improve continuously. Does this also sound like you?

“Sounds like a plan.”


How would you create a good working environment?

This team stands out for their high reliability, efective communication and organizational skills. Thanks to these skills they are key for creating a supportive, efficient and enjoyable working environment for our employees worldwide.

„We have each other's backs.“

Human Relations

Intuition, Judgment and Party People

Our HR team does not need psychic abilities when recruiting because they have an understanding about what is important in filling our vacancies and what skills are needed. They combine this with their necessary intuition and ensure that our current colleagues get just as many opportunities too. They are also the event managers at OTRS Group, organizing legendary OTRS parties! Of course, they also take care of administrative tasks, but that’s just one aspect of the role.

“Because you matter.”


Nothing for you at the moment?

Stop – don’t run away. You might still be the right person for us.
Just show us what you can do.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Simply write to:

In order to ensure safe data transfer, a password is required. Please request this password from the OTRS Human Relations department. The password will allow you to send in your documents as encrypted .zip files. Contact: career(at)

Contact Human Relations

If you are interested in one of our divisions or have any other questions for our HR team, please send an email to
Attention: Keep in mind that a too-common cover letter may not catch the attention of the HR team that’s reviewing your application.

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