OTRS Group

Visionaries, doers, enthusiasts and problem solvers – they are many things. Above all, however, our managers believe in creating a free-thinking company that supports the development of individual personalities. Their experience and competence creates room for development. For our employees. For the benefit of our customers.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Co-founder, Chairman of the Executive Board

“Whoever does not strive for greatness will never attain greatness.”
OTRS Group gives me the opportunity to transfer my vision of an open society to the microcosm of a company. This requires the ability to change and a willingness to take risks; and these in turn require openness to express and understand a variety of opinions as well as the ability to discuss these. This is how we create opportunities for continuous growth and learning.


Chief Operations Officer (COO)

“The value of a dialogue depends primarily on the diversity of competing opinions.”
To me, OTRS Group represents exactly what and how I have always wanted to work: With great openness and a willingness to reposition oneself again and again; to meet the challenges of our customers and to act in a team of like-minded people, beyond hierarchies and competition; and to experience liberation through criticism of one’s own ideas, because the future is open! Or in the words of Poppers: “The value of a dialogue depends above all on the diversity of competing opinions.”


Chief Human Relations Officer (CHRO) & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

I’ve always liked that concept. If we want to gain new ideas, we have to leave the beaten path and embrace other ways of thinking or behaving. Therefore it is worthwhile to observe ourselves and to approach things in a way that inspires our imagination. At OTRS Group, we promote such a culture of ideas.


Vice President Finance

“If you change your perspective, you see things in a completely different light.”

Financial data of a company is exciting, challenging and by no means dry matter. Understanding it is like controlling the radar of a ship in the darkness. Correctly prepared and interpreted, entrepreneurial decision-making paths open up and help us to keep the helm under control. By standardizing processes and continuously improving quality, we make our contribution to the entrepreneurial community and focus on providing security for those involved – our customers and employees.


Vice President Software Development

“If something is important enough, do it even if all chances are against you.”

Developing software requires a very special type of passion and creativity. OTRS is programmed in PERL, the first postmodern programming language. Larry Wall has described PERL as a humble servant who wants to support many different people without restricting their freedom. That’s also how we develop OTRS: it’s the heartbeat of our business, and it reflects our freedom to do what we think is useful.

Burchard Steinbild Aufsichtsratvorsitzender und Mitbegründer


Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Co-founder

“You shouldn't believe everything you think.”

Without a taste for the unknown, you cannot start and run a successful business. However, soon after its founding comes the need to expand and preserve, which requires clear expertise and a focus on the resilience of all structures. With my experience as a founder (not just at OTRS Group), I make a major contribution by balancing this ambivalence of the “opportunity of the new and uncertain” against the need to “secure and continue the existing” to ensure long-term preservation and momentum for OTRS.

Supervisory Board

Thomas Stewens

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • 2007 Founder, BankM
  • 1998 Management Board, Concord Investmentbank AG
  • 1995 M&A Professional, HypoVereinsbank


Prof. Dr. Oliver Hein

  • Computer Science degree
  • 2009 Professor, Central Hesse University of Technology
  • 1999 Managing Partner, Hein & Cie. Venture Management GmbH
  • 1997 Managing Partner, Taurus Ventures Corp. Ltd., Boston