Values & Benefits: Work at OTRS

Don’t apply for just any job – apply for the job you deserve!

… and we mean that literally! Working with OTRS is fun, and that is due to many things.

Designing Working Hours

We have integrated the Open Source concept into our culture and foster it. For example, this can be seen from the fact that we have no fixed working hours. Instead, we simply look for core working hours. Because we know only too well that there are night owls and early birds, and they can work best when they stay in their personal rhythm.

Home Office

We believe that everyone should work where they feel happy. It goes without saying that we consider Oberursel and Straubing to be the two most beautiful cities in the world (in addition to the sites, in which we found our branches) in which to have an office … but we also understand that others might not see it this way and may perhaps prefer their home office.

Open Doors

There‘s always a bit of a draught around us because we have an open door policy. From trainee to executive board and back again, anyone can be approached by anyone at any time. Unless of course, he or she has something else important to do at that moment.

Jobs to Love

We make sure that everyone can spend the largest part of their working hours doing activities that they enjoy and at which they are particularly good. And we make sure that our team further develops – individually and with each other, professionally and personally – if he or she wants to.

Family-friendly & Animal-loving

We are family-friendly and animal-loving. Doctor’s appointment for your child? No problem, thanks to home office! We also have office dogs and guide dogs, sometimes the offspring of our employees in the office … and lots of flexible working time models.

Technical equipment

Of course, we are all used to using smartphones, laptops, iPads and whatever else modern technology has to offer at home. So why should it be any different in our professional lives? For this reason, we provide every employee with a Macbook … and possibly with a smartphone … and maybe even with a company car. But that depends a little bit on your job and assignment.

For us, ((enjoy)) doesn’t just stand for comfortable working with our software. It is also the feeling, with which we work!


Sabine Riedel
Member of the Managing Board I Marketing & Human Resources

Sabine Riedel


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