Customer Experience Wins During Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Cupertino, CA, November 27, 2019 – Businesses who hope to earn a portion of the predicted USD 9 billion in revenue to be generated on Cyber Monday should absolutely focus on customer service.

OTRS Group shares four tips to help customer service teams deliver top-notch service.


Cupertino, CA, November 27, 2019 – Businesses who hope to earn a portion of the predicted USD 9 billion in revenue to be generated on Cyber Monday should absolutely focus on customer service. According to a PwC survey, 73% of people cite experience with a brand as important in the buying decision, and 42% of people would pay more for friendly, welcoming service. The same survey shows that efficiency, convenience and knowledge are the most sought after components of good service.


This holiday season, OTRS Group shares the following four tips for building those components into your business.


Automate Responses, But Keep Them Human


Sometimes, customer inquiries can’t be dealt with instantaneously, so automated responses give customers the reassurance that their inquiry has been received and that someone will help soon. Responses sound friendlier when customized with a customer’s name or other personal information, as well as by using casual natural language. And, they can be more convenient for customers when they include links to knowledge base entries that might steer them directly to an answer.


Provide Self-Service Options


Whether customers are panicking over orders that have yet to be delivered or are curious about add-ons to a newly received gift, they contact customer service for answers. A customer portal that allows customers to access a service catalog and knowledge base puts these answers at customers’ fingertips — plus, it frees up teams to move to the next inquiry more quickly.


Automate Workflows for Increased Efficiency


Clearly defined processes that are automated in a service management system, like OTRS,  help to keep tasks and communication flowing. Automation can move any type of inquiry through a workflow, from order fulfillment and returns to account management and invoicing.


Demonstrate and Share Knowledge


It slows everyone down when inexperienced team members try to solve sophisticated problems. Instead, make sure inquiries are routed based on skills. And, use a knowledge base to document all frequently asked questions so answers can be found and shared more quickly.


“Companies who have focused on customer experience will see gains this holiday season,” predicts OTRS COO Christopher Kuhn. “It’s simply a matter of having the right tools and processes in place to support your team in making sure that customers feel valued and have had their problems solved knowledgably and efficiently.”


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