Our Equity Story

OTRS is used by companies worldwide to optimize their service, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs with an integrated solution. They have recognized that only by differentiating themselves from the competition is it possible to survive in saturated markets.

The business model

OTRS structures the internal and external communication of companies, making it efficient and audit-proof. This sustainably increases the quality of service.

The business basis of OTRS Group lies in the further development and continuous optimization of the OTRS solution intended for professional use, which has been offered since January 2015. The product demand and accompanying need for support during implementation and during ongoing operation are the basis of revenue generation.

Positive user experiences and trust in OTRS Group’s professional competence result in a deployment of the OTRS business solutions. Due to the automatic extension of the contract duration, these contracts lead to recurring revenue streams.

Defined contract levels include consulting and services as well as a large number of exclusive, individually usable functionalities. They are characterized by low recurring costs and implementation efforts.

The total revenue of the OTRS Group is thus predominantly comprised of the revenue generated by professionally deployed OTRS software.

The high scalability of the OTRS Group business model generates maximum profitability through continuously recurring revenues. Both this and the simultaneously low cancellation rate offer a high degree of planning security with regard to future revenues. Customer relationships are characterized by comprehensive support throughout their entire duration and the resulting trust in OTRS Group’s performance as a service partner and trusted advisor.

The main areas of OTRS application are Customer Service, ITSM and Corporate Security. Service packages include evaluation, conceptual design and process consulting. After software implementation, the offer is completed with a professional helpdesk and a wide range of training courses.

For more than 15 years, OTRS has stood for customer orientation, innovation and the highest quality in technology and service.

The OTRS Group is represented by subsidiaries in 6 countries worldwide. With the foundation of our subsidiaries, we follow global demand and the international need for professional IT service management. We offer consulting and services based on German quality standards combined with intercultural competence adapted to individual local conditions.

Investment Indicators

Your guide for stable investment.
As sustainable as possible.

Market presence


  • Multi-tested global player with products “Made in Germany.”
  • Provider of (IT) service management solutions based on the open source software OTRS.


  • Long-term customer relationships lasting more than 12 years.
  • Quality and reliability as first priority in software development – trend evaluation with focus on sustainability.

Low risk

  • Minimal termination rate due to role of trusted advisor.
  • Easy market penetration due to high flexibility.
  • Distribution of software through global user group and access to a user pool of more than 170,000 organizations.


  • Experienced management team.
  • Loyal staff with extensive subject matter expertise.

Market size

No limitation of the market in contrast to industry software or special solutions

  • OTRS can add value to any company, regardless of industry or company size.
  • OTRS can be used to optimize communication and processes internally AND externally with customers.
  • With STORM and CONTROL OTRS Group covers additional market niches in the security environment.

Market opportunities

  • The focus on solution management will significantly increase our ability to bring innovative adaptations, enhancements and innovations to the market.
  • Long-term establishment of our solution as a tool for minimizing risk in crisis situations.
  • Cloud solution also for companies with limited infrastructure and resources.
  • The need for virtual working has increased the attractiveness of our products and services.

Quality features

Sole manufacturer of the software

Source code owner of OTRS

German workmanship, developers almost exclusively in Germany

  • SERVIEW certified (ITIL compliance)
  • CONTROL Fox certification ISO/IEC 27001
  • iOS and Android App
  • Following GDPR-compliant processes
  • High integration capability through industry standard interfaces
  • Accessibility WCAG
  • German data centers/private cloud
  • Independent of industry and company size
  • Grows with the business and changing requirements
  • Fast go live (2-3 weeks)

Financial strength

  • Solid revenue base with high cash flow generation.
  • Recurring revenue amounting to 90.7% of total revenue in fiscal 2022.

Key figures

Why Invest


Growth even in times of crisis. Products and services for which there is growing demand, even as working conditions change.


Expansion of our software into OTRS Solution Management. Agility through a dynamic, flexible and quickly available portfolio of offerings.


Low staff turnover and long-term employee retention while building professional competence in a structured way. High customer loyalty with low churn rate.


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