Responding to the Great Quit: Leverage business process automation

OTRS Group study illustrate positive benefits of business process automation.

Cupertino, CA January 25, 2022 – What began as the Great Quit in 2021 isn’t slowing down. In fact, a recent Price Waterhouse Cooper study about the future of work indicated that 65% of Americans are currently job searching. This leads to a chaotic and stressful situation for HR professionals. They face a constant time crunch as they quickly handle applications and interviews in order to fight against labor demands while at the same time managing the added work of offboarding all those employees who are resigning.


The challenge for HR professionals

Given the current labor market, HR managers in many companies are faced with wide-ranging tasks, which are made even more difficult in many places by the Corona situation: They are strapped for time and possibility missing opportunities as a result.
In order to find the right professionals, they have to sift through numerous applications, coordinate appointments, conduct interviews together with colleagues from specialist departments, write acceptances and rejections. They must organize onboarding for newcomers and ensure that they find a complete digital and/or physical workplace on their first day – and perhaps even a bouquet of flowers as a welcome. Offboarding is about ensuring that keys, company laptops or other company equipment, for example, are returned in a timely manner.


The benefits of automating HR workflows

Powerful business process management (BPM) software can systematically support and automate these HR processes – saving time, reducing errors and ensuring professional procedures and communication with applicants, as well as current and departing employees.
The automated end-to-end support of processes by a BPM system, such as OTRS, makes the daily work of HR managers and employees much easier. In fact, in an international OTRS Group survey of 500 participants, workers stated that automated workflows offer the following benefits:

  • time savings: 27 percent,
  • cost savings: 23 percent,
  • reduction of data errors: 19 percent, and
  • improved employee satisfaction: 16 percent.


Automating HR processes with OTRS BPM system

With its BPM software, OTRS systematically supports HR processes – from the initial application and workplace equipment requests, to salary increases and vacation planning, to employee diaries and secure offboarding. The standardized processes, which can be easily triggered, automated and customized with all the necessary resources, approvals and responsible parties involved, significantly increases the quality of collaboration and service within the company.

In fact, according to the participants in the above-mentioned OTRS Group survey, BPM support had a positive effect on:

  • Work quality improvement: 31 percent,
  • time savings: 30 percent, and
  • security at work: 20 percent.


“In many companies, the current pandemic conditions with extensive home offices make it difficult for newcomers to arrive among colleagues, because personal contact is often completely lacking, which makes it difficult to get to know them,” says Kathrin Triebel, Director Global Human Relations at OTRS AG. “This makes it all the more important to welcome new employees to the team and the digital workplace through well-organized onboarding and professional office processes. Our OTRS BPM system ensures that workflows can be professionally automated – so that attention can be focused entirely on people and their new tasks at the company.”


About OTRS Group

OTRS Group is the manufacturer and the world’s largest provider of the service management suite OTRS, awarded with the SERVIEW CERTIFIED TOOL seal of approval. It offers flexible solutions for process and communication management to companies of all sizes, saving them time and money. Among its customers are Lufthansa, Airbus, IBM, Porsche, BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology), Max Planck Institute, Toyota and Hapag Lloyd. The company consists of OTRS AG and its five subsidiaries OTRS Inc. (USA), OTRS S.A. de C.V. (Mexico), OTRS Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), OTRS do Brasil Soluções Ltda. (Brazil) and OTRS Magyarország Kft. (Hungary). OTRS AG is listed on the basic board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. For more information, see

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