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More than numbers!

Money makes the world go round. Okay, okay, fortunately not everything revolves around money for us, but of course, we still have to keep an eye on our finances. To ensure that we always make the right decisions in the future, our global finance team is one of the most important advisors for our management. Together, the team optimizes cross-departmental processes, prepares reports and financial statements, analyzes key figures and calculates forecasts.

Of course, these are all responsible tasks, for which you should have a certain degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Nevertheless, we don’t leave anyone to languish alone in front of Excel spreadsheets. Our finance team exchanges information on all important topics on a daily basis and is always ready to lend each other a helping hand. And with regular offsites and team events, there’s no shortage of fun. Because – shhh – here, too, not everything is always about numbers.

"I am constantly challenged by new strategic development and international management topics. I learn and drive changes in the constantly changing unpredictable business environment of today. "

"I joined OTRS Group in September 2020, when I saw a job hiring from an IT company I quickly applied as Technology affects almost every aspect of our life. OTRS has future growth prospects as an IT company and is a multinational company. It was great that I have given the job offer."

"It is very special and fortunate for me how the team supported my professional and personal growth. Throughout the different positions, my hard and soft skills grew with the projects and challenges we faced."


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