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The perfect idea for every occasion!

Have your parties always been the coolest, had the most guests, and left people still talking about them years later? Then you probably have brilliant ideas, can inspire people to get excited about them and can successfully implement them.

That’s precisely what we do in marketing – talk about something, invite people and generate attention. If you’ve always had a knack for making people take notice, then you’ve come to the right place in our marketing team.

In order to convince the “guests” of our solutions, our experts are constantly experimenting with new campaign concepts, fine-tuning gripping invitation texts and ensuring that our message is unforgettable with the right design. The goal is unique communication and advertising that sticks – despite the hangover. Developed from free thinking, based on solid concept development and underpinned by facts from market analyses, reports, etc., our work is continuously evaluated and adaptable at any time.

The motto of our marketing team: You have a good idea? Then always bring it to us!

"This is my first work-from-home role, and it was a large adjustment. My management team is the reason we stay a team, they encourage transparency and agile work. Almost all my tasks are team-focused, so I constantly interact with coworkers through chat or video calls."

"OTRS offered me eye-to-eye communication, short lines of service, and the ambition to grow together. In addition, even the interview was so personable and open that I felt I could really develop with OTRS and my future team. "


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