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Sales Manager

When did you join OTRS Group, and why did you choose us?

What immediately sparked my interest in the company was the culture I noticed OTRS Group has. Culture is an important aspect when choosing a place to work and the OTRS Group seemed to stand out in terms of how people interact, the freedom we have and especially the respect that people, including our top management, have for all the team.

Why did you become a Sales Manager, and what is special about this job for you?

I started my career in the multinational sales world and since then have known that sales is a great path to pursue that allows you both have fun, enjoy freedom, and achieve your personal goals and dreams. Sales is the oxygen of every company, and it is an area where the only way for you to be successful is by empowering your customers to be successful first. Sales is all about helping, and this is something I enjoy doing in every area of my life.

At OTRS Group, we mainly work from home office, how do you still manage to maintain a team feeling?

A team feeling is built using two major ingredients. The first one is culture. You cannot make your people to feel part of the team if you don’t have a culture that makes them feel supported, safe, respected, and encouraged. The second ingredient is alignment, or transparency if you prefer. People need to feel included and feel they are contributing to something bigger. When you give your employees something to be part of and the freedom to contribute as well as make sure they will be respected and valued for what they are doing, chances are they will feel part of the team, because they will enjoy being part of what is happening and enjoy the people they work with.

How does a typical working day look like for you?

I start my day by checking what demands are waiting for me during that day. That includes quickly checking my emails, tasks assigned, system reminders and pending topics. Once I have a glance at how my day will look, I start mentally prioritizing what will get my immediate attention and what can or should wait a little more.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on at OTRS Group so far and why did you enjoy working on it

The most exciting project was in my second week at the company. The Sales team met in person to discuss as a group the sales practices we have and to define internal topics that would guide us throughout the years. It was exciting because the whole group could share our perspective in ways that online meetings can never do, and also because we were there specifically to discuss work stuff which meant we had more focus.


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