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Are you a second Picasso?

What does that have to do with Sales? Well, supposedly, no one has sold their oil as much as he has. Okay, that’s not really our goal. But: people who can inspire others with “just a few strokes of the brush” and who are completely passionate about what they do fit in with us. And for that, you don’t even have to be a Picasso, but rather a partner who can advise our customers individually and create the optimal offer for them. This requires in-depth knowledge, excellent communication skills and sensitivity to customer needs.

And why is this so exciting with us? Our sales team not only works internationally – you’ll find OTRS customers from Argentina to Zimbabwe – but also in almost every industry and company size you can imagine. Whether a DAX corporation or a government organization; whether a tech startup or a family-run business – the areas of application for our solutions are almost as endless as the color spectrum in the Louvre.

"Growing within the company is a good factor. The role comes with more responsibility and broader business management than an isolated functional role. It gave me the opportunity to gain in-depth industry knowledge and valuable business exchange with my peers and colleagues."

"What immediately sparked my interest in the company was the culture I noticed OTRS Group has. Culture is an important aspect when choosing a place to work and the OTRS Group seemed to stand out in terms of how people interact, the freedom we have and especially the respect that people, including our top management, have for all the team."

"Through internships in marketing, I had contact with sales teams and realized that the combination of communication and finding creative solutions for the customer's requirements, as well as convincing the customer of the right solution, would be my thing."


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