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Service Engineer

When did you join OTRS Group, and why did you choose us?

I joined around a year ago (end of 2021). I actually had two concrete offers and some progressed talks with other companies, but I quickly decided for OTRS Group without much hesitation mostly, because I got a good gut feeling about them after I met some of my now colleagues. My gut was right. 😉

Why did you become a Service Engineer, and what is special about this job for you?

It was actually a toss-up between Service Engineer and managed operations, but we decided together that the Service Engineer was the better fit since I actually like to talk with people ;). The special thing for me about this job is that it never gets boring. No problem is the same as the one before, and you can feel like an actual Sherlock Holmes (ok, maybe in the beginning more like a Watson, but still!).

At OTRS Group we mainly work from home office. How do you still manage to maintain a team feeling?

For one, I actually live near the office, and I am here at least two times a week, which means I have it a bit easier in regard to the team feeling. For my online colleagues, it is mostly the two daily online calls, which I really enjoy.


What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on at OTRS Group so far, and why did you enjoy working on it?

I had to create an internal process for our support team, which is actually still a work in progress at this moment.

I had never created a running process with our internal OTRS process engine before, so there was a lot to learn and to get done. As always with projects like this, it grew and threw all kinds of different problems my way, but overcoming them was also a lot of fun. And I must mention that my wonderful colleagues should get a medal for their patience while helping me out. It will be pushed into production next week, so I am still quite excited to see it in action.

What would you recommend to applicants who want to apply for a job at OTRS?

Be honest with yourself and us. In my first talks, I was not actually sure where I wanted to end up and was open about it. The recruiting team, as well as the heads of the different departments I talked with, were very open about it and helped me a lot in finding the right position in the company.

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